(blank) control

Gun Control! Headlines will shout.

No violent games! Seeking an out.

Families with no babies to hug tonight.

Fists clench. Fight! Fight! Fight!


Gun, stick, rock, bomb. Bang. Gone.

Hatred needs only willing hands. One.

Questions with no answers. Ever.

Again, we ask. Answer – Never! never


Brother against brother, hand or stone.

Violence only seeks slaves. To own.

Promises from pulpits cry. Empty. Why.

We can’t beat hatred with more hate. Sigh.


Hold your babies now. Closer. Tight.

Remembering love, grace. Light.

Withdraw from the horror. Turn away.

Stop feeding the news machine. Pray.


The words are all jumbled up and this is what came out when I was thinking about today. How we can’t hate the hate out of someone. We can have gun control but what about hate control? Self control? 

I miss you

I Miss You I


I miss you, with your consistent heat.

Always just right for rising up.

For toasty warm or broiling hot.

Never off the numbers, just so.

I miss you oven dear. I truly do.


I Miss You II


Hands rest lightly on greying head.

Ears of velvet twitch lightly.

Eyes clouding, still full of love.

Moving slow, but always loyal.

Steady as she goes sweet one.

You’ll never be alone.

When you are gone,

I will always miss you.


I Miss You III


Missing you. I think I miss you. Maybe.

Maybe I miss the idea of you. I think.

No, I miss you. I’m sure of it now.

But silently I wait. I can’t ask

Do you miss me too?

I wonder, alone.

Sure of it now.




For dVerse and Stu’s interesting prompt.