New Year Comin’



Welcome the new year like a new pair of socks!

A new bundle of socks! Ready for the roads ahead.

Smell them now. Fresh! Clean! New! Unworn.

A year from now they’ll have been used hard.

Some in shoes, boots and on floors. Or worse!

With holes, worn through spots and frays.

Each a bit of the journey, sweated and bloodied.

A bundle of socks to bring in the new year!

A promise of new roads ahead, adventures.

Something to go towards, to grow towards.

A new year is a comin’ like it or not.

Like your new socks, it is just waiting to go.

Come this time next year, where will you be?

Where will your socks and feet have taken you?

Brace for an adventure, and be ready for work.

Cold days may take two pair, and others none.

Barefeet with socks tucked away, beach days!

Dancing in new boots, a blister or two. Ouch.

Walking in old shoes with new socks – bliss!

Take the miles as they come, store up memories.

Dance. Laugh. Smell. Taste. LIVE large and loud.


Happy New Year poetic friends! We’ll see you in 2014. Don’t forget some new socks! 🙂  Oh and thanks to my dear husband, Earl, for being my inspiration, my motivation and my sometimes visual. Love you, always and in all ways!

Basking in the Christmas Spirit



Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

The glow of the lights on an early

Christmas morn lighting up a joy

filled young face still full of wonder.


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

The lights glow out the window

coloring the grey plumed birds

feasting messily at our feeders.


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

Nativity reminds us of the ultimate

gift, the King born as humble as He

could be, born to serve, born to save.


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

Releasing expectations, settling for

joy and bliss, food and fun and Lego,

and books and naps. Always naps.


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

The early rising boy, joy filled face

lit by the colored lights, as he finds

his wonder once again under the tree.


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

Mocha in hand, slippers on feet, as

we watch the unwrapping as the

snail bread warms and we rest.


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

Heads bowed in prayer, thankful

and joy filled, knowing that we can

keep this spirit all year long. We can!


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

Wishing joy across the miles and

across the fields to those we love

and glasses raised to those gone.


Basking in the spirit of Christmas.

Laughing at movies, playing games,

naps sprawled wherever they find us

and waking to the lights of the tree.


Our last dVerse before our Holiday Break and we are wishing you the best of the season, however you celebrate, and some will be sharing on their blogs – be sure to follow, subscribe or keep track of them on Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks to everyone who has visited this year, for those who left comments and for those who joined in the prompts and discussions. You make this community of poets stronger each time you do!  Be well and be brightly blessed!

Lost in Wonderland



Modern Alice wanders, not down the rabbit hole, but through the doors.

The smells of Starbucks coffee lured her, lulled her slowly in the doors.

This rabbit hole is full of color and glitz. Strange people wander here.

Carts overflowing, signs crying, “Sale!” and “Bigger Sale!” over here.

Parents coo at screaming babies on bearded strangers laps, “So cute!”

Aisles don’t make sense, the labels sense of misdirection so acute.

Halloween Candy! Garden Decor! Alice misses her rabbits and queens.

She has fallen into the machine of Christmas, missing Advent dreams.

Dancing to carols on speakers ringing tinny, she tries to hold on tight!

To Christmas. To the miracle of the manger. The Babe. THAT night.

Sharp elbows speak of no grace, the snarling faces no love, no peace.

She steps aside, helps carry a bag. Offers her seat. Spirit to appease.

In the food court sites a gnome like little man. Elfish grin ear to ear.

He sees her. He nods. He touches the side of his nose. “Come my dear!”

They walk through the stuffed bear covered trees and emerge in awe.

The hard hitting sales have no place here, hard hearts soften and thaw.

“Oh Christmas!” she cries as the elf man takes her hands, “Oh Christmas!”

They dance in the snow. They throw laughter up into the sky. Bliss!

Slowly she shakes her head, and becomes aware.

Christmas malls and shoppers need beware.

The spirit of Christmas won’t be sold.

Even the Grinch learned, truth be told.

Advent is the waiting time, as all know.

Waiting for His coming by candles aglow.

With loving hearts and spirits bright.

We seek His wonderland tonight!


We braved the mall today. Even at -41C with the windchill there were SO many people out and about. It was so weird. Surreal and disturbing ornaments. Mislabeled aisles and locking wheeled shopping carts stranding us to carry bags through the crowds. It is the last day we have to do shopping, and for that I am glad. Sharing tired smiles, grimacing at screaming children on Santa’s lap ( SO GLAD we never did that with our son!) and bracing for the parking lot chaos. Nothing felt better than to get home and relax. So thankful for all we have, and all that passes us by.  Linking up for dVerse with Claudia at the bar serving up Alice in Wonderland and Advent (which I wove together here)…come over won’t you?

For my love

Dance with me! Step. Step. Turn. Hold me tight now.

Laugh with me! Smile. Smile. Grin. Hold me sweet now.

Rock with me! Bob. Bob. Hold on to the oldies.

Feast with me! Eat! Eat! Hold on to the memories.

Love with me! You. You. You are my best friend.

Life with you is sweet.




Sam has us playing with the 55 word limit, rather like a song about not being able to go 55! 😉 I can do 55. It’s a fun break this week doing some shorter forms with some strictness. Mmmhmm, come by dVerse and see what the others are sharing! 

Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day


Filled the feeders, the birds called their friends to empty them again for me


Drifts dance across the fields, horses and cows turn their backs to the winds.


Boys jump on drift tops testing their strength against the wind blown snow.


Not feeling so ‘winter tough’ I would be happy for spring-like weather.


Needing a window view, I shiver at the sight of cold puffed birds.


Horizon and sky sharing the same grey hue, winter vertigo comes.


Dead sunflowers bow to winter, hiding their spring promises in white.


Windows rattle, floors chill the feet and I miss the wood stove heat.

Doing some American Sentences for Open Link Night (a day late!) at dVerse! Come by won’t you?

50 k acre shoes


How many acres have your shoes travelled dear?

He thinks. And I can see him counting. Calculating.

A single pass or total, or an average? Some fields…

Ah I see the challenge! It’s not just a line to travel.

No. They get seeded, scouted, sprayed and harvested.


Farms across the prairies. North to south, west to east.

And the roads in between too. They are miles not acres.

Fifty thousand acres ‘covered’ as they say in ag circles.

It’s hard to picture that many acres. That much land.

Mud, dust, sweat, blood, tears soak deep into the leather.



And then there are the miles walking in solidarity.

And playing with the boy and the dogs in the yard.

And the pressing pedals moving down the road.

Your shoes have seen so much my dear, I wonder…

No I’m not sad they can’t talk. Can’t tell tales!


I’m tending bar for dVerse Poetics and we are talking about shoes. These are my husband’s shoes that he wears farming, driving, living and loving. I wish they could tell tales, but then being shoes they might only lament about bare toes, socks and shoe debris!  Enjoy the poets, there are quite a few linking up today. Read! Leave love. And share your own!