Your words (or lack thereof)

Your words are like a fog, the surround you and make you hard to see.  – Blackbeard to Jack Sparrow

Your words trail behind you like a false trail.

Following them leads to nowhere and fast.

Your words cause bleeding from tiny cuts.

Assaults small but painful and bloody.

Your words (or lack thereof) leave me wounded.

Leave others wounded too. Walking in pain.

Your words seek to deny mine, to silence me.

Giving you power it seems to control others.

Your words are seldom a balm, often bitter.

Even when covered in sticky and shiny sweets.

Your words are believed. Trusted. And so us,

The wounded are not believed, injuries denied.

Your words laced with poisonous turns of phrase.

“You always…” and “You never…” and “don’t be

so…..” which really means: don’t be yourself.

Your words surround you like a fog, like smoke.

They make it hard to really see you.See you?

Your words are where you hide, ambushing.

Using benign seeming phrases but always

with a sharp edge cutting quick and deep.

Your words make it clear the wounding is

the fault of the wounded, and not yours.

Your words are hard to argue so we don’t.

We just watch the scars come bright.


It is how I feel, the only way and place I can express it. Words have a power and can be wielded with a gentle touch and a sincerity or with cunning cuts that seem innocent when they are brought to light. It is tragically almost useless to speak out against it because who is going to believe you? You are upset – hurt or angry. They are dripping poisoned honey wondering why you are so upset…didn’t you know you are always too (________________) fill in the blank? Dramatic sigh. Exit stage left. It is, after all theatre. I just wish I could cancel my season’s tickets.