Four Things

“It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love”

I tell myself that ‘in season’, daily. Hourly.

The four things you need to make it.

Humour. Patience. Flexibility. Faith.

If I can’t laugh at it, I can’t love it.

Some things won’t wait – many things.

And others require waiting. Lots of it.

Plans are those things that you make

and then toss out almost immediately

because things change fast – BOOM!

Faith in the seeds, the soil and the sun.

Faith that the rain will come, the bugs won’t.

Faith that you can keep being there.

That grace will carry the day when

you can’t anymore and you just want

a breath, one between ‘in season’.

Because you know it will come.

A rain day. A break. A chance to be

together and you can laugh at it all.

When he loves it, and does it well

then it makes it simpler – help him.

Be bright, not bitter.

Be hopeful, not a hinderance.

Be light, chasing shadows far.

Be grateful for the moments.

Learn to be okay with the life.


#plant17 is over and #spray17 hardly gave us a breath before it started in earnest – welcome to farming! There are windows to seed (soil temp, moisture, etc) and there are even smaller windows to spray (leaf stage, wind, temperature, humidity, stage of what you need to spray) and those windows can open wide then just slam shut. Part of the challenge as a farm family is being flexible and understanding the seasons and needs of the crops and land. It can be hard to balance the lifestyle and benefits when all you see in the short term are long hours away and missed family time. You can’t get missed time back but you can make the most of the time you have in-between the busy seasons. And you can even more importantly make time ‘in season’ for important things. We do our best to do this. It takes effort and commitment but it is worth it, as any farm family can attest.