Breathing time


Busy boys working hard at school.

Busy Mama’s working at theirs too.

Daddy’s gone and coming home soon.


Busy boys making noise playing hard.

Busy Mama’s making soup, bread and buns.

Daddy’s driving in the lane – home again.


Busy boys, big one and small one too.

Busy Mama, just one, listens to the chaos.

Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!


Time for a break Mama. 

Time for some breathing time.

They leave the house empty.

Their noise follows them out.


She sits. Knowing the list.

She sits. Breathing the silence.

She closes her eyes. It is quiet.

She lets her shoulders relax.


Busy boy and busy Daddy back in again.

Wondering what busy Mama did.

Mama breathed the quiet, that’s what she did.