Broke to Ride bout rimes



Storm clouds rolling over the cattle drive.

Off of drag, I’m pushing bush on the side,

gotta get em gathered an’ bedded ‘afore night.

He said he’d save supper, but Cookie lied.

It’s a  life, but no living on this cowboy wage.

Preacher comes ’round askin who’s saved.

I’m fixing that Mexican bridle Sam made.

Crow warrior, blood red hand print on his face

going home slow, spirits wounds to nurse.

Singing songs of heaven and home in church

it makes this longing to see my family worse.

Buck sips his whiskey, squints and purse

his lips together, spat some tobacco juice back

an said, “We come to far boys, to go back to that!”


Tony at dVerse has us playing with a word list for bout rime poetry. I had to head back to my cowboy poetry and cowboy roots to share a bit of a night rider and campfire lament. Enjoy, or even better dally up and rope yerself some courage and try your hand at this fun form!