It might be hard to believe.

The person you know here

has the power of invisibility!

I can fade away in front of

your eyes. Not seen or heard.

Sometimes I am loud I know.

Bright colors. Big ideas.

Opinions and passions.

Too often though I choose

to fade away from those 

who don’t understand me.

I’m weird. I know. Stranger.

My faith, my ideas, my love.

It doesn’t make sense to you.

But it it perfectly sane to me.

This wild ride I choose to live.

From you so much is invisible.

You should do this. That. ?

Why would I settle for the

safe route, paved and marked?

The unmarked trail. The road

pioneers dare to break in the

wilderness. That’s for me!

Settle down they say. Grow up.

Stay alive! Grow older. Wiser.

Dance to music only we can hear.

You sing the song to my heart.

Our path invisible to those

who only know marked roads.

The rat race would have us

die in the starting blocks.

Living on old safe cheese.

I go. I smile. I fade away.

Taking my colors with me.

The riot of sounds too.

I’ll happily leave you

with your safe palettes.

Me, I’m painting as I go.

No paint by numbers.

Don’t stay in the lines!

Life a living art, alive.

I might be invisible.

And that is safe for you.

I like being invisible.

You should try it. Yes.

It is so freeing to be

outside of the frame.

Out in the freedom.

Free to think. To feel.

No need to explain.

Being invisible isn’t

all bad, especially now

that you can see me!

Mary has us considering invisibility today for Poetics at dVerse!  If you have gotten this far, then I suggest you ‘select all‘ to read the rest of the poem. You know, the INVISIBLE part! 🙂  Join us! Come on by. Share some poetry. Read some poetry. Leave love. Always leave love.