Get out of the boat

Inspired by Matthew 14:22-33.  Please feel free to read before, or after! 


Reach Your hand to me, oh Lord.

Touch me so that I won’t sink in.

Raise my face to Your eyes.

Touch my spirit so I can rise!


Walk me across the water, oh Lord!

Blind me to all but Your hand.

Watch my steps, let me falter not.

Blind me to all but each step ahead!


Lord, before all of that, please God.

Let me hear Your voice calling me.

Lord, draw me to You, wherever.

Lord, tell me, “Get out of the boat!”


Jesus, You never fail us. We fail us.

God, Your promises never break.

People, we fail, we break, we sink too.

We can’t walk on the water unless we

get out of the boat!


Sunday Psalm

Bloody linens drape on cold stone.

Angels break into holy grins.

He is risen! He is risen!

Women go to the tomb mouring.

They leave dancing in joy.

He is risen! He is risen!

Unbelieving Disciples tremble.

They long to touch Him.

He is risen! He is risen!

The hope of the world arose.

Death defeated forever.

He is risen! He is risen!

Creation dances every spring.

Remembering this holy day.

He is risen! He is risen!


Did you touch His side? 

Did you probe His hands?

Were you blessed by seeing

or by believing in your heart?

Did you touch the stone?

Still warm from Heaven’s hand.

Were you blessed by seeing

or by walking in the empty tomb?

Did you long for the sound?

Angels laughing from heaven!

You are blessed! You are blessed!

He loves us. He loves us.

Easter Sunday, attempt at the With Real Toads prompt.  Have a blessed day!