does it belong or not?

Overjoyed by the end of the road, celebrating in the wild.

So the road ended, big deal! Make a new one, or have a rest.


Wedding photos in a barn loft, future growing out of the past.

Getting dirty. Getting tired. Knowing you are getting it done.


God gave us gifts and talents to use, not save up for heaven.

We aren’t supposed to get there in ‘show room’ condition!


Dance until the shoes wear out and music drums from your heart beating.

Don’t wait. Dance. Laugh. Be silly. Get dirty. What are you saving it for?


Holding dangerous goods close to our hearts – this living can be wild.

Nothing more dangerous than loving someone without reserve.


What would you choose: quality of life or quantity? If you could.

Maybe there is a reason we aren’t supposed to know, live each day fully!


Claudia has us thinking about contrasts and things on the edge of ‘normal’ (which my husband says is only a setting on the dryer anyway!)…my mix of American Sentences and then italic commentary.  Stop by dVerse and check out the other poets!

[file not found]

[file not found] as I rack my brain.

What did I name it? [search: |]

the blinking cursor still  flashes.


[error: 404] WHAT? That can’t be

I know it’s there. [webpage moved]

I don’t think SO. Type S-L-O-W-E-R


[voice command unavailable] ugh!

Speak slower, type slower. [restart Y/N]

No. What I really want is to shout at YOU.


[errors are personal] my hubby disagrees.

He says they are just glitches. Hiccups.

[entry not understood, retry? Y/N]


It FEELS personal. Something simple. But no.

[waiting for network response] tap. tap. TAP.

I wonder, will they roll their eyes at us? [o-o]


[file not found] and then the keys slow down.

The search becomes ablzlhd123 instead.

Type slower. Mouth out the letters. S-L-O-W


[search results: 500] ugh. *.* that sucker. Ha!

[unable to open file, source location changed]

Don’t break the electronics. Don’t break the…


Okay Plug in external hard drive. [new device]

oh…no…[format new device?] NO! NO! unplug

Plug back in. [browse folders on external drive?]


Browsing folders. Files. Searching. Finding.

[file not found] no it is not. BUT look! At THIS!

Old photos, old poems, old treasures. Found.


[file not found] is sometimes okay. Just fine.

[save over previous document?] No. Leave it.

Found what I wanted? No. Found what I needed!


This is my form, I came up with it a while ago – you can read a couple more in it here: and


Gay has us thinking about inventing a form all our own at dVerse. This is my form. It doesn’t have a true name yet, maybe [message] form would work?  It takes the messages we get during our day from electronics and other devices and incorporates them into poetry. They become more and can add depth to our musings. Stop by and read the other amazing poets who shared on this.