BIG & small

Nature, the touch of God’s hand in His creation.

Moves me. Touches me. Soothes and rouses me.

Brings me tears and silences me in awe. Heals me.

Something as small as a sunset reflected in a

rain drop, something as massive as a storm.

Wee little bee darting bloom to bloom.

River carving it’s way to the sea.

There is a touch there.

A plan. In the places

where I feel the ground

most holy are those where

God speaks through the wind and animals.

Where flowers struggle to bloom, and burst forth.

Exuberance embraces to soul when birds soar where we

can never really and truly go. Lifting wings and crying out from it.

Nature soothes my soul when there is too much paved over. Too much built.

Too many machines, wires, poles and buildings. Too many people crowded around.

Nature releases me when I stop to breathe. To hear baby magpies complaining.

When I see birds hopping on hedge tops or dancing in puddles fresh from the rain.

Apples fallen before they ripen, feeding the tree from below. The circle of life, the cycle.

It is part of us. Lay on the earth, feel your pulse in the soil. Hear it in the wind.

Clouds soar above, weightless seemingly, and yet full of many millions of gallons of water.

Life given from both storm and calm. Sunshine and rain. Met, sometimes, in violence.

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dVerse has us thinking about nature. Nature is something near and dear to me.

As a farm wife, photographer and lover of all things created I find both healing and balance in the nature around me. From the aftermath of a storm to the reflection of sunsets in the rain barrel. Animals playing, hunting, living. Plants growing and dying. Being no more, and no less, than intended. Being fully. Isn’t that what we all should be doing? Working on the being and not the doing?

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Word Gathering

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~Gathering Words~
Shanyns’ Personal Challenge Poem 

Hi there real toads!! It’s me Hannah, I was here two weeks ago with my Personal Challenge and I have chosen someone very near and dear to us to play in the poetical pond next. I’ve really been drawn to her style and the strong elements of faith and nature in her writing, it is our fellow toad, Shanyns of Sunflower Poetry!

My Challenge to Shayns is this:

There’s so MANY words in our worlds today and sometimes finding the right ones to amuse the muse can be tricky. Here’s an idea I thought of while I was at the grocery store the other day: We all have our daily routines and our day often will bring us into the public realm of people-hood and our lives are touched by strangers in passing. My challenge to you, Shanyns, is to go out into your world today with your wooden-lidded picnic basket and gather words from strangers in passing for fodder for this poem you’ll write.

Her response is so authentic and such a beautiful glimpse into a day with Shanyns!! This is what she said of the challenge, “It was a day of a million questions with my little guy and all our farm work. There were lots of words in the air!”  I love that, I can just hear his little voice asking away!!

Here it is!


Gathering Words
My basket is lined with sticky tape.
My hands grip a handle slick with sweat.
Gathering words is dangerous, you know.
Some are poisonous, some are full of thorns.
Some are disguised as one and mean another.
Some are sweetly singing, lingering in my ears.
I’ve gathered as many Mama’s and Love You’s
As I have welcomed gifts from little boy hands.
I’ve gathered Smokin’ Hot Wife and Love You Dear’s.
Gathered in the instructions for the pump and tools.
Gathered words for recipes and for making do for now.
Gathered the words for praising and praying in the Word.
My basket caught words of worry and of fear today.
They found themselves empty in searching for the name
Of a lost dog who is making our yard and family his own.
My basket overflowed with leaf colors and shades of sunset.
We gathered words for Wii games and names for new kittens.
Gathered words for herbs and crops, hopes for the harvest.
Gathered and left silent the ‘grown up words’ by spelling them.
Words, to a poet, are fruit from wild and crazy trees!
It is getting onto night.  The basket is still full.
I need to empty it now.
Prayers to be said.
Hearts to be filled.
Good night.
Good night.
All rights reserved by Shanyns  Silinski Copy Right © 2012


Isn’t this just a wonderful gathering of words!? This poem is so full of life and a day well lived! Thank you, for rising to the challenge, Shanyns!

Shanyns offers us these other two poems also that are word-gathering pieces!

The first is a game of gathering words while with friends:

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Be sure to hop around while you’re there, toads, you’ll find lots of  treasures!!

Thank you everyone and smiles to you all!!

Three Bubbles


We had three bubbles, they were rainbow rounded.

We had three bubbles, perfect in summer they floated.

Bubbles are so strong and yet so fragile.


A circle, a bubble, a ring.

An embrace.

A hiding place.

A promise.

Arms wrapped tightly.

Some place safe, hidden and warm.

Around, endless and strong, unbroken.


“Blow bubbles Mama!” he shouts to me.

I gauge the wind, and make a super bubble float.

The joy on his face as they go so high is

a smile straight from heaven to my heart.


Three things, a triptych, not an easy poem for me today. But when I saw this photo from last summer it came to me.

From the prompt With Real Toads today.

copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski