Confessions of a Red Head

I can’t help it! It smells so good.

Argh…who stinks?

I could roll in it all day long.

Bathwater runs green.

Messy and smudged in my hair.

Brush, comb, conditioner, water.

It is tasty too. 

Don’t lick me!

So rich and flavorful.


I cannot help myself!

Why does she do THAT?!?!

part ii


Comes running, yes Mama?

Dirty dog!

Dirty? How can she say dirty?

You rolled in poop again!

I love this smell, don’t you?

Ewww…don’t eat THAT!

But it tastes good, I love poopsciles!


Copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski 

Prompt from Real Toads today!