What a rotten day

“what a rotten day this turned out to be” (George Strait, Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye)

Belle is calling for you, her whinny’s searching.

You called to her, one of your last breaths.

Trusting us, through near misses.

Close calls, but this one was too close.


Gone so fast, no time to even get a vet here.

The angel’s needed a good horse to ride.

I guess you were needed more there.

My heart just doesn’t understand why.


Look for Grandpa there, he’ll have his hat on.

Buddy up to Lefty, Rudy and the rest.

Kelly will take you riding, I’m sure he will.

I’ll braid your tail hair to wear, to remember you.


What a rotten day. The tears just keep coming.

I know I look like a wreck, a mess. Losing it.

Never, ever ‘just a horse’ but more. So much more.

I’ll miss riding you, petting you and smelling you.


Another piece of my heart is missing now.

The wound will heal with love and friends.

I’m thankful for that but still I could do

without another horse, dog or cat shaped scar.


Ranger died today, very fast, from ingesting a poison probably like water hemlock.  We’ll miss him.  

Ranger, Belle, Tika and Lola


Good fences make for good neighbors.

Especially in cattle country.

When farm land meets ranches.

Crops are tasty to a bovine palette.


Good fences make for good neighbors.

Especially where boundaries are faint.

When your space meets mine.

Hearts are sacred to some, but not all.


Good fences make for good neighbors.

Especially where prying eyes lurk.

When your windows need guards.

Privacy is precious and costly.


Good fences make for good neighbors.

Except when we need each other.

When community is more than one.

Being fence-free is a place to be!


For With Real Toads challenge about fences.

Landai set

Years I gazed west, heart in my eyes, making cloud mountains.

Hours of driving to see, through the tear haze, I saw them again.


There is something powerful about rolling land.

Things unseen lurking dangers or glorious treasures.

A life packed away in boxes and bags.

Dreams waiting for them to open again.

Dance like no one is watching, but you wish they were

Because you really got the moves…really you do!

For with Real Toads, a challenge to write a set of Landai…check it out: With Real Toads