She’s gone, around a corner I cannot follow.
To a place free of pain and fear, she’s gone home.
We are left here. The space she filled is empty.
We don’t miss her hurt or her suffering.
We miss her. Her smile. Her laugh. Her.

She is gone, around a corner I cannot follow.
The sun shines there, but here is shadow.
We are left here. Grasping our memories.
We don’t miss the worry or the fear.
We miss her wit. Her touch. We miss her.

She’s gone around a corner I cannot follow.
To a place with no time and not a care.
We are left here. With the space she filled.
With her she took a piece of our hearts,
We miss her. We love her. We just do.

My mom is gone to heaven. No more pain or suffering. But outside of the big thoughts my Mom is gone and that knowledge hurts my heart so much. No more chances to do more things together. Even to sit and look at pictures or color flowers.

Three Mothers


Mother of a son, she raised him on her knees.

Holding him up in her prayers and love.

A Bible, passages inked, she gave him.

Prodigal he turned, and the Bible

he pawned for copper pennies.

Years later, though it came

home to his hands and

into his heart her

loving words

were at last

read and

he was



True story, check it out here: http://wordwisehymns.com/2010/05/13/today-in-1839-william-mackay-born/



Mothers Day! Mothers Day!

Walk the sick mare, get water.

Special breakfast, perfect!

Did she have the kittens yet?

Let’s play Mama! Let’s play!

Feed the dogs, check the cows.

Small hands present dandelions.

Honey have you seen my….

Mama, aren’t you a Mama every day?

What kind of birds are those?

Yes buddy, I am a Mama all the time.

Can you read to me? Can we play?

Oh how I love this perfect Mothers’ Day!



Bittersweet these hard Mother’s Days.

With those who choose to be far away.

With those who are just softy fading.

Will they remember us ever again?

Daughters loyal, even in distance

and in pain, we too are mothers.

The hurt of choices and decay

taking something so special away.


Dear Lord be with us all, on this and all days.

Mothers and mothering ones near and far.


For Real Toads and for all Mama’s

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