Hello Darkness


“Don’t let them warm up, they can can reanimate!” was the warning.

Even in the their state they could still come back.

To bite.

To sting.

To hurt.

The darkness, once banished, ever creeps and stalks.

To bite.

To sting.

To hurt.

Burn the torches bright, pray that they will last til light.

To guard.

To shine.

To protect.

Reaching out past the darkness to find the light.

To survive.

To heal.

To fight.

No matter how bright the torch, it isn’t the light.

You can’t keep it burning long enough to win.

The darkness wants it this way. The cave a trap.




Fighting back is a fight not to the death, but to life.




Not because of the darkness but to spite it.

Winning by living another day.

Just one.

Then another.

Mental health awareness is so important, and when we struggle with mental health issues it is so hard to fight back, to get help, to have someone reach through the darkness to find you. Or to see your hand pushing out of the darkness. Being there is so important. Don’t wait for someone to ask for help – be there. Be present. Know the signs of someone fighting the darkness. It is the loneliest fight. Bitter and cruel. We lose too many. 


Like that

I can’t tell how it feels

Your nerves fire sssst 

Mine tingle and  snap


can tell you it is like…

that first sip of coffee.

too hot to swallow fast

smelling rich of memory


I can’t tell how it feels

Your presence draws

Mine pushes too hard.


can tell you it is like…

that first blossom in spring

the one waiting to open

the one you smell in sleep


can’t tell you how it feels.

Your coolness like a shadow

My seeking the side of sun.


can tell you it is like…

knowing the song in two bars

every word, in your voice

singing my missing parts.


I can’t tell you how it feels.

Your voice close as breath.

My heart pounding hard.


I can tell you it is like…

Finding the missing  part

inside a long packed box

treasure packed too long.


I can’t tell you how it feels.

You right there to touch.

Me, afraid and yet brave.


I can tell you it is like…

Like that, that one thing.

that makes it all make sense

that makes it worthwhile.


Like that. Always like that.


Claudia has us sharing emotions, without naming the emotion, for MEETING AT THE BAR for dVerse tonight. Mine has a mix of emotions, the ones you would find after being away from a loved one for a bit too long, with a bit too much stress, worry and a lot of faith guiding the way. Enjoy the other poets, and remember leave love!