Chasing Rabbits

She sleeps hard.

Tired from chasing.

Running after scents

rising and flowing on

the ever moving winds.

Her legs and brain

run still, after the

elusive and so

scented lures.

She waits by the window.

Shadows of birds fly by her

on the blind, tail twitches and

she is ready to pounce! Wise old

cat knows the window is there so

she chooses the wise path, and has

a sunbeam warmed nap. She dreams.


We are playing with verbs tonight at dVerse. Watching the dog and the cat today inspired me. They are so very vibrant when they are playing and chasing, dedicated to their fun. And then they fall asleep with such utter disregard for anything else, naps rule when play is done. So we step around them quietly, their feline and canine sprawl, and are slightly envious. To have that freedom…ah!

Warmer Weather coming




Puffed up against the cold, feathered friends await the spring sun.

Packed up the Christmas tree, I can’t help but wonder where next we’ll be.

Minus 20 seems warm after weeks of 30 below: winter woes.

Frozen ears, tail and feet, wincing at his pain. He purrs. He is alive.

Fight the cold. Fight the faltering of faith. Live to seek the sun. The Son.

Warmer weather coming. A promise on a radar map. Skeptic waits.

Much to be done. Little desire to do. The battle rages inside.

Jack’s compass I need to see, my heart’s longing to lead me – but where?


A little late to the pub for the post holiday season #OLN (Open Link Night) for dVerse. Stop by and read some poetry. Share your own. Leave love. Always leave love.


Sandman, Sandman bring me a dream…

Ride your rainbow bicycle to the portal.

Wear that smile that knows what my psyche needs.

Sandman, Sandman bring me a dream…

Send it on brightly shining beams from a desert booth.

Wear that old hat that used to carry your sand.

Sandman, Sandman bring me a dream…

You are old and lazy now, dialing it in.

Wearing your age like a baggy jacket.

Sandman, Sandman bring me a dream…

On second thought, maybe just leave it be.

Send me sleep instead, I’m really too tired to play.

Written when I really couldn’t sleep…copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski. Thanks Magpie Tales!