Look into the fire

Look into the fire. If you dare.

It’s where you put all of me.

The parts that didn’t fit.

The things that displeased.

Those uncomfortable bits.

On that pyre we burned.

The ashes washed in rain,

Pressure from the sun bore

down and the coals became

flashing gems, diamond fire.

Thank you. 



Version II

All the things that were ‘too much’

became kindling in the stones.

Burn that which you don’t care

to understand, or know. Burn it.

But you walked away before

the flames finally died down.

You walked away before you saw

me rise from the ashes anew.

Tempering and grace in flames.

Refined and sharpened.

Dragging embers you burnt the

bridges and I stood to enjoy

the warmth and flames.

It rained, the ashes washed

away and the river runs free.

You walked away and missed

every amazing thing that came.

Thank you.

Some bridges need to be burnt.

Some fires don’t destroy.